Distance Management


‘Whoever manages the distance, manages the damage” – Helio Gracie

544066_571858946158311_256508483_nLately I’ve been rolling with strikes at least twice a week to improve my self defense/vale tudo game.  Early in this training I found that my normal defensive postures were fine in a sportive setting but needed some refinement during “vale tudo” training…especially if I didn’t want to take unnecessary strikes.  It is imperative to always manage the distance which in turn will control the damage that can be done.  I believe routinely training with strikes is a valuable tool during your personal development.  The goal is not to hit your partner but rather help them identify holes in their game.  I find this type of training to be extremely fun when done in a cooperative training environment.  The below video is a great defensive posture I have been experimenting with when side mounted.  Bjj4lif4!



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