Invisible Jiu Jitsu

“Invisible threads are the strongest ties – Friedrich Nietzsche”

I have often heard people say Rickson Gracie’s Jiu Jitsu is “hard to explain” or “you have to feel it”.  I was lucky enough to attend two 4-hour seminars with the jiu jitsu master this past weekend and I can honestly say…it is hard to explain…you have feel it.  It’s rare for someone to live up to your expectations when you actually meet them…fortunately Rickson did and exceeded them!  I honestly believe his understanding of Jiu Jitsu is light years ahead of everyone!

The first day Rickson covered his concept of being “connected” to your opponent and what he calls “invisible Jiu Jitsu”.  He covered all the basic positions from standing to the ground and showed how being “connected” to your opponent will allow you to really control the position and maximize your leverage.  It was such an eye opener and made me realize there is a level of jiu jitsu that even many black belts are not familiar with. The crazy thing was he was just giving us the basics and scratching the surface of his Invisible Jiu Jitsu.

On day two Rickson primarily covered the vale tudo game.  I really liked the “vale tudo guard” techniques.  Again the 4-hour session was a eye opener…I didn’t realize all the concepts and strategies that went into his vale tudo game and will re-watch his old fights with a whole new appreciation.  

I loved Rickson’s seminar style…while he had an agenda his format allowed participants to ask any question and Rickson always ensured he answered to your satisfaction.  On a side note I was suprised how open Rickson was about anything.  He answered many personal questions and even became emotional a couple of times.  This by far was the best seminar I have ever attended.  I have been blessed to train with many Jedi Masters and I can honestly say Rickson is to a black belt…what Yoda is to a Padawan!  Training with Rickson is something every serious BJJ player should experience…it will only improve your game and more importantly truly let you know how much you don’t know.  Bjj4life!

One Response to “Invisible Jiu Jitsu”

  1. not only did you meet the legend, you trained with him too. that brown belt looks nice on you darren

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