On a recent trip to Guatemala I noticed a sign for a Gracie Jiu Jitu school close to my hotel.  My schedule didn’t allow me enough time to train but I made a mental note for any future trips.  A month later I was assigned a quick trip to Guatemala that would give me a night in Guatemala city…with gi in hand I checked out the school.

 The facility was called Academia Gracie Guatemala and was a traditional “Gracie Jiu Jitsu” school that closely follows the curriculum of the Gracie Academy Miami.  The school did not participate in “sport jiu jitsu” and only trained for self defense/vale tudo.  The schedule actually had specific classes in clinching & striking, no gi, and sparring. 


Gracie Guatemala is run by Roberto Fleischmann who is a black belt under the Valente Brothers.  Unfortunately for me, Professor Fleischmann was out of town attending a instructor seminar in Miami with Royce Gracie and the Valente brothers.  

During my visit the kids class  was being conducted  by a couple of blue belts and the regular adult classes were canceled!  I was extremly disappointed but as they say in Guatemala…Guat-ever!   On a positive note the students were friendly and invited me to return when their instructor was in town.  I will definitely check them out next time I’m in Guatemala.  Academia Gracie Jiu Jitsu is located in Guatemala City at 13 Calle “A” 7-19 zone 10, Plaza Tifanny, 011-502-2366-1614

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