Year of the Guard…Revisited

The other day after class a couple of people complimented me on my guard retention skills.  It was kind of weird to hear that when I used to consider the guard to be one of my weak areas (Year of the Guard).  About a year 1/2 ago I made it a point to always start from the guard unless my training partner specifically wanted to work from that position.  It was hard at first especially because of my ego and I felt at such a disadvantage.  After a few months playing guard became habit and it got to a point where I felt I was cheating if I started from the top.  Thinking back I really don’t remember when the guard position shifted from being a weak area to a “strong point”.   Today I look forward to playing guard especially with guys I’ve never trained with before…if they pass it only makes me better because I discover a weakness and am able to correct it.  My current guard game is all about defending and sweeping.  I’m starting to play with the cross guard grip more…the below video is basic but I still catch higher level guys with this concept.  


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