Return of the Jedi

sith1Last week was my first time on the mat since about January…that’s about six month.  I did a couple of days of  regular practice and then started sparring on the third day.   When your off the mat that long you are not sure what it will be like when you return.  What will be the level of all the attibutes you took so long to develop…the force (mat sensitivity)…your timing…your cardio.  Well…my force was weak…my timing was off…and my cardio suckedbut I was finally back!   All the months of watching from the sidelines…youtube’n it…watching DVDs was finally over.  Like Renzo said when he was injured…”I fought a match everyday in my head.”  Now I’m finally back on the mat and there is balance in the force…a Purebred Jedi has returned.  Bjj4life. 


One Response to “Return of the Jedi”

  1. standing by onthe new posts brah! need more brain candy in Bali. and that doesnt mean drugs! haha.

    REgardless–May The ForceBeWithYOu!

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