Under the Knife


 I finally got surgery (microdiscectomy) for my herniated disk.  My back is a little sore but besides that I am finally pain free.  No heavy lifting for the next 6 weeks and then I will start physical therapy.  My goal is to at least start drilling by the end of June and hopefully be back to full on sparring by August.  I don’t go back to work until June so I will use that time to slowly get back into a regular workout schedule.  Lessons learned…listen to your body…take time off when you need to…if it hurts, there’s something wrong.  Bjj4life!     


13 Responses to “Under the Knife”

  1. Big D,

    Glad to hear all is well with your surgery. Take care and hope to see you training soon.

  2. cauliears Says:


  3. Brian Flawau Says:

    Good to hear that you had the surgery, Take care and I’ll probably see you at physical therapy.

  4. SIR


  5. cauliears Says:

    One day at a time D. Glad your back and safe recovery!

  6. Big D!

    Great to hear that you got the surgery done and can now focus on the rehab to get back on the mat. Pain free! That’s awesome. Don’t rush it and be smart. Oooos!

  7. D,

    I just googled “microdiscectomy jiu jitsu” and came across your post. I had an L5 S1 microdisectomy done on May 13th. Sounds like you had the same thing a year ago.

    I’m currently a purple belt in San Diego(via Northern VA) and was curious how your recovery went. How long before you were able to get back into spar? Have you had any complications since? Any pain?


  8. Matt,
    I had the same issue and have had no problems since the surgery…I actually wish I had done the surgery initially instead of trying physical therapy first. It was hell just to get in out of my car prior to the surgery but the pain was immediately gone after the procedure.

    Take the full 6 weeks or so recovery time even if you feel fine. I particpated in the regular class after the 6 week recovery but didn’t start sparring until around another 1 1/2 months. I just found someone (lighter) to drill with if I felt like more mat time. The doc told me this timeframe would be the most dangerous for re-injury because I would feel fine. Recommend doing alot of interval cardio work on the elliptical machines during this period. Do a google search for “Taku Intervals”. Using this workout my cardio felt fine when I got started sparring again.

    It has been a year since my procedure and I have and no issues. I have changed some of my workout routines and do ALOT MORE more stretching. Hope this helps…good luck bro!

  9. D,

    Thanks for the response. Glad to hear you’re doing better.

    Yeah, sounds like you had the exact same issues I did. I had been dealing w/ the pain since Jan 2010 and by April it got too painful. Yeah, driving a car was one of the toughest things to deal w/.

    I’m definitely going to ease back into things. I’ve still got another 2 weeks of not lifting anything and I’m going to take a few extra months before I get back to BJJ. I was searching to find similar cases and see if getting back to Jiu Jitsu was gonna happen so it’s nice to hear that you’re training again as I hope to do the same.

    Thanks again for the advice!


  10. christian Says:

    Hey man I also practice BJJ its everything to me, but unfortunately i had a lumbar disectomy to fix my L4-L5 herniated disc. The doctor also implanted a prosthesis called DIAM to prevent a future herniated disc. This is my 2nd month after the surgery I feel great!
    My doctor told me to wait for a year to recover fully before going back to BJJ, do you have any advise or suggestions based on your experience?

    Thank you so much for your help.

    Christian Lasso

  11. I feel your pain bro! I was told by my physical therapist to find a new hobby…that was not an option. The danger in the first few months is that you will feel good so you may push yourself too soon. I would wait at least 6 months before I went all out but you can definately start drilling and attending regular class minus the sparring when you feel up to it. Practice with experiance partners…new guys might spaz and hurt you by accident. Also only train with the light weights…especially when training from the bottom. Good luck bro!

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