As I posted earlier, I dedicated this year to improving my Guard…

pirateRoadblock #1…I’m getting reassigned!  After the initial shock I figured I still had about 10 months left on Jiu Jitsu Paradise (Guam) before setting sail.  I will just have to make the most of the time left with my Fokai Familia. 


Roadblock # 2… L5/S1 herniated disc!  Been off the mat now for about a month 1/2…physical therapy doesn’t seem to be working.  images2 I”m still waiting for my consultation with a specialist for my options.  One of our team mottos is “I don’t do Jiu Jitsu, I live Jiu Jitsu”…but how do I live that when I can’t even train! 

Coach Mike always said to improve your game you have to plan to accomplish at least 1 goal each time you train...if you don’t you are moving backwards.  I took that to heart and captured that concept in the guiding principles of my Grappling Game Plan 

sith1My Jedi Master (Coach Berto) recently made me realize that I needed to do more.  If I am not doing something everyday to improve my game…I am moving backwards.   I can’t train due to injury…no excuse.  I have to figure out a way around it.   I now dedicate at least 1 hours 5 days a week  to improving my BJJ game.  DVDs, youtube,  watching class (hardest cause I want to train).  I am dissecting my game and looking for the answers to problem areas (youtube is great).  Wish I had  done this when I could actually train!   

Guard Retention/Recovery was one of my main focus areas prior to my injury.  Below is a video of one of the principles I was starting to implement prior to my injury…Tornado Roll.   



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