Where the Head Goes…the Body Follows

xhkqca4vzdzwcatiwdehcaar17zhcah8d24tcaixz4udcamn5wypcatirqo8caohn4prcayrqrz8canw0tcmcae9huf2cadzk0vfca6tc1p6ca6wapttcaiwldrtcalaig9fcasoq16lcamjo1skcae0qwrlA  key element to preventing the guard pass is to keep the hips mobile.  That principle has really helped advance my guard game.  Another key principle that has really helped me prevent guard passes (especially tight guard passes) is to keep the opponent’s head on the same side of my body as their hips.  Once I understood this principle I started using less energy and relaxing more…the hips are always the key.   Below is the post I read that opened that concept to me:

Head and Hips on Same Side

I have an tip for “an impassable guard” that has changed my Open Guard game. It’s such a simple tip that I can’t believe I wasn’t using it earlier.

“It goes something like this…when an opponent is attempting to pass your guard, as long as you keep his head and hips on the same side of you, he will never be able to fully pass and secure side control.

How do we do this you might ask…when your opponent is passing, use a stiff arm and push his head (with your outer arm) to the same side as his hips (your closest arm can push on whatever, I perfer his inner bicep to prevent the crossface). Your opponent must have his head and hips on opposite sides of you to secure a successful side control pin.

Also, this is quite annoying for your opponent, being pushed in the face is not fun! As the old saying goes, “Where the head goes, the body follows”.

I hope this tip helps someone!

Chuck Rainey

2 Responses to “Where the Head Goes…the Body Follows”

  1. The Roy Harris seminar in Roy Dean’s Year One DVD goes through this principle really well. It’s an awesome video to preven guard passes.

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