Taking Notes

newCoach Fowler recently wrote an article on his blog about importance of taking notes.  One problem I had with taking notes was not being able to understand them a few weeks later…especially when they were soaked with sweat stains from me taking notes during class (while the details were still fresh).  One thing that has recently worked for me is to take rough notes during class and transferring them to Evernote.com when I get home.   This allows me to really think out what I’m trying to write so that it makes sense to me later.  What I really like about Evernote is you have the ability to conduct searches and bring up all your notes on a specific topic.  Just ensure you title your notes like  Guard: Cut Pass or  Guard: Spider Guard, etc.   When you put “Guard” in the search engine… all your Guard notes will list for you to reference .

Below is a link to a video of Mike giving more insight on the importance of taking notes.  Bjj4life! 


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