Year of the Guarda

2309754217_c4627dce702One of my primary goals in training is to turn the weak areas in game into strengths.   Although my grappling game plan lists the open guard as one of my weak areas I really have not dedicated the appropriate training time to make significant improvements in that area.  To get to the next level I know I need to significantly develop my guard skill-sets.  The only way to do this is  to dedicate a large portion of my training plan to mastering the guard position.

In the book Essential Guard, Rodrigo Medeiros list “Three Keys” to the guard.

1. Defending and Replacing Guard:  You must be able to replace your guard and keep your opponent from passing it.

2. Submission Attempts:  You should try to submit your opponent.

3. Sweeps:  You should try to sweep your opponent and reverse your position.

Before I focus on my guard submission or sweeps I need to ensure that my positional controls and guard recomposition skills are up to par.  To me it makes no sense developing my attack game if I can’t control the position…position before submission still applies.  I plan to spend the next 4 to 6 months really focusing on my guard retention and recomposition skills.   Then I will spend the rest of the year working on my triangle/armlock series and further developing my favorite sweeps.  The below Damian Maia video has some great guard retention principles. 


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  1. […] It was kind of weird to hear that when I used to consider the guard to be one of my weak areas (Year of the Guard).  About a year 1/2 ago I made it a point to always start from the guard unless […]

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