Exhaust the body, proceed the mind, Cultivate the spirit.

Fokai is a Chamorro word that has undergone a serious evolution in definition.  It was originally defined as to distribute and administer.  From there it meant to mix up.  Then there is the ever-popular definition meant to destroy and to attack; used commonly in the heart of combat.  Fokai Industries is a Guam based clothing company that celebrates the action sports industry and lifestyle in the pacific islands.  The definition today that Fokai Industries promotes is Fokai; To go for, to persevere, to overcome; full hearted commitment with unstoppable resilience.  It is the mentality that would drive a man to destroy an opponent in combat yet the same drive that keeps his opponent going.

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  1. “FOKAI | El Conquistador” was in fact a great read and thus I
    really was quite pleased to find the blog post.
    Many thanks,Gale

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